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Creating and experiencing are my priorites. Building products, companies and brands are my passions.

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Born in Switzerland, but spent my entire youth in the Netherlands. I grew up in the city of Tilburg in the South of the Netherlands and went to Tiliander School before moving on to Willem ll College. I thought I would complete my Highschool in the Netherlands but in the spring of 2015, I found a Highschool in The United States where I could travel the world, kayak and finish my Highschool! An opportunity I couldn’t miss! So I set my mind on going there, and eventually after a lot of hard work, I was able to go. I grabbed the chance and traveled across the world, followed every class in English and got a lot better at kayaking. During this time, I also started setting my mind on another goal - freedom.

I love new experiences, learning and creating goals. In the relative short life I have lived so far, I have created goals, followed my dreams, and have pushed to accomplished them all. This is either from behind my computer, during kayaking or while generally exploring the world.

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